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reading: what i saw and how i lied, the importance of music to girls

watching: brooklyn 99, snl

listening: la luz, bleachers, walk the moon

You should really pay attention. You might learn something.

i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween


support your local record label



So hey, it turns out that Gillian Anderson dressed up like Morticia Addams was something we all needed in our lives.

[takes a knee]

K I N J A L + P

a song i know all the words to: i wanna get better by bleachers

a song that gives me butterflies: the girl by city and colour

a  song by a band i want to see live: body love by mary lambert

a song by the beatles: yellow submarine

an uplifting song: tongue tied by grouplove

an instrumental song: heroic weather conditions of the universe by alexandre desplat

a  song i’d reccomend: rill rill by sleigh bells

R for the song thingy :)

a song that i’ve listened to lots of times lately: shut up and dance by walk the moon or sadie hawkins by katie kate


  • A: an uplifting song
  • B: a song to listen to before you go to sleep
  • C: a song from a soundtrack
  • D: a song that reminds me of a fictional character
  • E: a song by a band I’ve seen live
  • F: a song that I’ve used as a ringtone at some point
  • G: a song to party your butts off to
  • H: a song that reminds me of my childhood
  • I: a song that gives me butterflies
  • J: a song by the beatles
  • K: a song I know all the lyrics to
  • L: an instrumental song
  • M: a song that hasn’t got a video but I wish it had
  • N: a song by a band I want to see live
  • O: a melancholic song
  • P: a song that I’d recommend you based on your blog
  • Q: a song to drive to
  • R: a song that I’ve listened to lots of times recently
  • S: a song by a band of your choice
  • T: a lovesong
  • U: a song that reminds me of a fictional pairing
  • V: a non-english song
  • W: a song with an amazing music video
  • X: a cover
  • Y: a song I’d send to my crush (imaginary, if you don’t have one)
  • Z: a randomly chosen song