Selina Meyer » 3x07 “Special Relationship

"What a hideous hat. It is like she stuck her head in a swan, and it’s exploded."

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i wonder how many people im in the “id be down if you asked” zone with

"There was this unmistakable intelligence, but also kind of cool that she had. People usually come into their own on SNL. She was already there-that precision, which is the whole other level, like you’re sitting in a restaurant, and she’s eating there too. She gets up and leaves, someone’s dead in Zurich, and she’s back here the next day. She nods, and you know it’s done. Marry that to someone who’s truly at her core an artist? That’s Kristen"

-Lorne Michaels, Elle 2014

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parks and recreation season 4 gag reel

i’m gay and so can you

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i’m at a waterfall

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my aesthetic is stronger than ever

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