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******Hey guys, I have an important post.********

If you’ve been following me, you know that my family’s financial situation is very bad right now. My mom is a single mother on a low teacher’s salary, taking an expensive college AQ course to possibly up her salary (though that’s not guaranteed). We have three dogs, who have various health problems that are very expensive, and I have health problems and medications myself that aren’t all covered. My estranged father, who abused and stalked (and still stalks) me, has illegally stopped paying child support for me, and we will have to go to court over it, meaning a lawyer we can’t afford. Our car is constantly having expensive problems and we can’t pay most of our bills anymore. I’ve been trying to get a job for a long time to help with this but because I should have graduated high school by now and haven’t (I’m in an alternative education plan, here’s a post explaining all that), nobody will hire me. (It doesn’t help that I have a severe anxiety disorder and can barely leave my house as of right now.) We can’t buy groceries anymore, my nana is paying for all our food and other expenses, all my mom’s credit cards are maxed out and her bank account is essentially empty- she already emptied her retirement fund completely. Our small house that we rent is no longer something we can afford and it’s a matter of time before we lose it. Because of the lack of child support, we will be homeless and have to go live in one room of my nana’s house, which is unfair to her, but also our dogs, and unfortunately me because she criticizes just about everything about me and it would be a very bad place for me to be every day. As of right now, my mom and I are just trying to make it through the next month, day by day. We’re doing everything we can to get money, hoping that if we can just make our rent for a month or two longer and manage to go to court and get my child support payments back, then we would have enough money to get a cheap apartment. This is the goal. We’re having a huge garage sale and selling much of our other stuff, I’m babysitting as much as I can and my mom is probably going to get a job waitress-ing for the month of August until her work and college course start up, and I am still desperately trying to get hired somewhere.

But, the point of this post!!!!! I am selling many of my clothes, shoes, jewelry and make-up to help contribute to our savings jar. There’s nothing over $20, almost all of it has never been worn, and in my opinion it’s all very cute!

I’m really begging you guys to please check it out and see if there’s anything you like and/or can afford, and if not, please please please reblog this to spread it around, every penny counts right now and we could use this so so much, both my mom and I haven’t really slept in weeks, we’re so stressed out knowing any day now we won’t have a home.

Here is the link to my store, it means the world to me if you help us, no matter how little the cost. All of it is going towards keeping us stable.

This has been a success already, thank you to those who have bought!

Update: I’ve added nine new items! Go check them out :)

We have almost enough to make our rent!!! Please keep the reblogs and orders going!! Thank you so much guys!!

The answer to the universe is like love and animal uh…safety? And just like…Doing things with your hands. Getting rid of all electricity and cyberspace, I think that’s the…Not the answer to the universe. 

a series of stupidly gorgeous collections
jean louis sabaji s/s 2014 lookbook

first off-book rehearsal = four hour panic attack



******************TUMBLR GIVEAWAY******************

okay so I know especially with recent stories in the news fear is in the back of everyone’s minds a little and I just bought myself one of these keychains to feel a bit safer and I bought a couple for friends and they really appreciate it so I bought 10 gold colored metal cat keychains and I want to give them away and make 10 people feel a little safer too! so anyways here’s the rules to participate:

must have an open inbox

must be willing to give me mailing info

likes and reblogs both count and there’s no limit for reblogs

no giveaway blogs please

and I want at least 5 to go to people who follow me because I love y’all and especially want y’all to be safe, so you don’t have to follow me to get one but like I said I definitely want half of them at least to go to my own followers

okay that’s all so go reblog, spread the word, I want people to feel safer!!!

I almost forgot!!! it ends on august 1st

I also forgot that they’re illegal in CA, NY, and MA, so if you win and you live in one of those states I’ll at least buy you a plastic one if you want! you could pick your own color and they may not be metal but they’re still good and will protect you!

Today is the last day!!!!!

"She’s a weirdo. She’s real cute, though."
- Tina Fey talking about her daughter, Penelope.

Title: Call Chelsea Peretti
Artist: Chelsea Peretti
Played: 39765 times

Top comedian Chelsea Peretti’s response to a stranger calling her “sweetheart.”